Physiotherapy 3D self-assessment avatar

The Business Challenge

For a number of years, there have been numerous online tools which have enabled people to perform some form of self-assessment of particular health conditions. However, on analysis, most of these tools are very generic, and do not provide intuitive questions and options based on previous answers given. The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre believes that a specific self-assessment tool, aimed at musculoskeletal conditions, is currently missing in the market. Such an application would aid not only online users, but also GPs and the NHS by cutting down physiotherapy referral time.

The Solution

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To overcome the problem, The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre approached Edinburgh Napier University’s Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation to assist in the development of a self-assessment tool. The tool utilises a 3D avatar to enable a greater level of interaction for the user. The unique and most attractive aspect of the product is a precise self assessment avatar which allows the user to click on the exact area of pain or symptom, followed by specific questions for that area and leading to a limited number of suggested conditions.

Partnership Benefits

  • The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre benefited from academic expertise to realise their initial idea of a self-assessment 3D tool tailored to musculoskeletal injuries
  • New product developed for demonstration
  • Relationship established for future collaborations between IIDI & The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre

Quotation IIDI has enabled us to produce a demonstration model to show possible investors and have been instrumental in helping us plan our forward strategy with intelligence...Without the help from IIDI there would have been major challenges in bringing our product to this stage so quickly. - Kirsten Lord, Director, Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre Ltd

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Project Team

Kevin Chalmers
Senior Lecturer
+44 131 455 2484
Jessie Kennedy
Dean of Research and Innovation
+44 131 455 2772