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Interactive aid for IBS sufferers
"I think the Innovation Project is an exciting opportunity for both small business like myself, who struggle to fund new initiatives and for the graduates from Edinburgh Napier University developing their own enterprises. Any nervousness I had initially around my vision being both understood and met..."
Mountain Bike Coaching App
"Dirt School’s collaboration with Napier University and the students at Geared App has been a great success. We’ve benefited from a young and dynamic team who are keen to listen, learn and develop their own skill set. At the same time drawing on the great resources available through Edinburgh Napier..."
Building a data system to promote the food miles and provenance of Bay Fish & Chips co
"Our aim was to educate customers , suppliers and businesses and create a platform everyone can use and adopt. There was no better way to start this than with the team from IIDI at Edinburgh Napier Univeristy."
Visual Analytics of Unknown Data Sets
"“Edinburgh Napier University have proven to be an invaluable resource for technical consultancy. Providing the expertise necessary as well as quality and timely deliveries, they helped us realise the full potential of our product innovation.”"
Over 5000 gift vouchers ordered online
"We have seen a tremendous uptake from our web presence, indeed of the total number of gift vouchers sold 82% were through our e-commerce facility. By linking our marketing activities on and off line we are approaching 85% occupancy at the castle.”"
Vets Now: ICT Leadership
"The focus of the engagement has not been on taking ownership of tasks and doing work for the company, it has been on providing direction and building capability by providing independent advice and opinion when needed, and objective feedback and mentoring to help the ICT team maximise their impact..."
Applying social network analysis (SNA) to gaming
"Our techniques have improved the predictive power of our modelling which in turn leads to improved player experience, greater retention, and increased revenues"
Physiotherapy 3D self-assessment avatar
"IIDI has enabled us to produce a demonstration model to show possible investors and have been instrumental in helping us plan our forward strategy with intelligence...Without the help from IIDI there would have been major challenges in bringing our product to this stage so quickly."
eParticipation to support the Information Society
"eParticipation is about reconnecting ordinary people with politics and policy-making and making the decision-making processes easier to understand and follow through the use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)."
Biometric Security on ATMs
"Edinburgh Napier is committed to help companies create usable and profitable products. Engagement with future interactions and innovative corporations like NCR is invaluable to our research and what we teach"
Cànan can with KTP
"Big companies can afford to have research and development departments but small and medium operations do not have the resources. The companies need the Associates because they do not have the skills inhouse or the access to equipment which we can provide."
e-Petitioning parliaments, councils and the EU
"We believe that politics is far too important these days to be left just to the politician and that greater engagement with citizens would not diminish representative government but rather strengthen it by stretching the public space."
Refocussing a information system strategy
"The work your department carried out for ALISS was significant, and helped ALISS move forward during a particularly difficult time: for that we are immensely grateful."
"“We are delighted to be working closely with IIDI as we recognise the benefits of bringing the skills of academia to the business environment, which clearly compliments our own activities. However we also want to play our part in building future skills which is such an essential building block for..."
First UK Racecourse to sell out online
"Our e-business adviser’s input completely revolutionised the way we think about the race course, providing a complete race day experience to long term visitors, corporate parties and specialty race attendees. The future success at Musselburgh will be built on this scaleable business and IT platform."
Scottish Seabird Centre - An unforgettable experience
"“We needed someone to challenge our existing strategies, and to advise us on appropriate technologies yet understand the financial restrictions of being a registered charity. The wide range of skills our ebusiness adviser brought to the project was extremely valuable.” said Lynda."
"Brilliant, easy to use, flexible, allows collaboration between internal/ external, display multiple info."
Annual Summer School in Software Engineering for Lincrea Corporation
"We have been delighted to welcome the CEO of Lincrea, Hara-san, and many senior colleagues to visit the University during the summer schools and the collaboration will be further strengthened by a visit by Edinburgh Napier staff to Lincrea in Japan in the spring of 2012."
Researchers, Librarians and IS Workers
"Most research on LIS matters is not difficult to locate. What's missing is a culture of exploiting research to develop and improve services"
Social computing at work: opportunities and risks
"A highly successful collaboration with Napier which opened our eyes to the key issues that were emerging around Web 2.0 in 2008. This project gave us a great insight into the issues as perceived by our clients and we have been able to take that learning into a range of subsequent consulting..."
Spinning-out FlexiCAGE
"We perceive that the FlexiCAGE tool will benefit our component-based outsourcing software development at a great extent, resulting in cost and time savings while improving the process -- HAWEI Corp. “I haven’t seen any similar technologies – I think it is fairly unique" -- Real-Time Engineering"
Personalised Services on ATMs
"Edinburgh Napier is committed to help companies create usable and profitable products, and thus keeping knowledge jobs in Scotland. Engagement with major corporations like NCR is also invaluable in shaping what and how we teach"