Our future society, and its economy, will be built within a seamless environment of networked information resources. IIDI's Network Theme has been created to meet the demands of this society.

Dr Ahmed Al-Dubai leads the Network Theme, which seeks to develop local human capital in the fields of wireless and mobile innovations. We conduct high quality research, in collaboration with national and international academic and industrial leading partners, in the area of large-scale distributed and mobile systems. We have a special emphasis on the design of efficient and scalable algorithms for next generation wireless broadband and mobile networks .

Industrial collaboration is vital to the success of the Network Theme and we contribute to the innovation of the community by participating in the key forums, working with world leading organizations within the telecom and wireless industry.

Examples of our work include research on enhanced methods of using community-based communication patterns such as multicast and broadcast communications in wireless community networks, wireless mesh networks, Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs)  and mobile ad hoc networks, to enhance the quality of service and promote digital partnerships. This includes developing novel energy-efficient techniques to reduce the energy consumption of next-generation wireless broadband network infrastructures. These methods are being applied both in more energy efficient wireless infrastructures, and in intercommunication within vehicular networks. We also work on sensor networks - focussing on embedded systems.

The Network Theme current interests include, but not limited to:

  • Group Communication Protocols/Algorithms: Design and Analysis
  • Green Networking and Smart Cities
  • Mobile Computing, Mobile IP and Next Generation Internet
  • Wireless Community Networks and Wireless Mesh Technology
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Vehicular and Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Wireless Multimedia and Cloud Computing
  • Wireless Sensors Networks and Embedded Systems
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Performance Modeling, Analysis and Simulation
  • High Performance Computing


Our research activities has a direct link with, mobile communications, intelligent transport systems and vehicular networks, wireless broadband, wireless community networks, e-health and smart cities, etc.

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+44 (0)131 455 2796

Room D31
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

Selected Publications

Bani Khalaf, M., Al-Dubai, A., Min, G. (2015). New Efficient Velocity-Aware Probabilistic Route Discovery Schemes for High Mobility Ad hoc Networks. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Elsevier, in Press, 81, (1), Pages 97–109.

Crawford, J., Irving, C., Smith, L. (2015, June 2015). Information literacy in Scotland: making it mainstream. CILIP Update, 41-43.

Salayma, M., Romdhani, I., Al-Dubai, A. (2015). Battery Aware and Reliable Beacon Enabled IEEE802.15.4: An Adaptive and Cross-Layer Approach. In: Society, I. (Ed.) In Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS),, , () ( ed.). (pp. 1267 - 1272). Lodz, Poland: . IEEE.

Abdmeziem, M., Tandjaoui, D., Romdhani, I. (2015, ). A Decentralized Group Key Management Protocol for Mobile Internet of Things. Paper presented at The 14th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (IEEE TrustCom-15), Helsinki, Finland.

Eshaftri, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Yassien, M. (2015). A New Energy Efficient Cluster based Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. In: Society, I. (Ed.) 4th International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN'15), , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

Abdmeziem, M., Tandjaoui, D., Romdhani, I. (2016). A New Distributed MIKEY Mode to Secure E-health Applications. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data (IoTBD 2016), , () ( ed.). (pp. 88-95). Rome, Italy: . .